Automated box making machine

Are you or your company considering making your own corrugated boxes? Have you looked at different equipment and just donít know what would fit your operation? We have been helping many businesses since 1987 save time and money on their packaging needs with the purchase of a custom box making machinery set up.

We will help you select a box making machine based on your budget, usage, space requirements and other important factors. With your selected equipment, you will be able to start producing your own corrugated shipping containers from corrugated sheets immediately. Our on-site training will educate you on your equipment and the production of your own boxes.

We have sold box making machines to small and large businesses all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and oversea. We have a variety of machines available at prices to meet every budget. Leasing options are available.

We offer a free feasibility study to show you how you can save money by making your own corrugated boxes. See the Feasibility study page for details.

We know you will enjoy the conveinience and cost-saving advantages of your own box making machine.

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